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Xtrac imageKim Kardashian, who was diagnosed with psoriasis a few years ago, recently tweeted about psoriasis blotches on her face to her millions of followers. We are not surprised about the January timing since psoriasis — a condition that affects more than seven million Americans — often flares up during colder, drier winter months. Other celebrities such as LeAnn Rimes, Cyndi Lauper, Art Garfunkel and Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, have been equally open about their struggles with the disease.

While psoriasis symptoms are most commonly seen on the elbows, torso and knees, they can pop up anywhere on the body. Research is ongoing to find a cure for this chronic and incurable skin condition that can cause dry scales, red, flaky patches and burning or itching sensations. In the meantime, dermatologists will often prescribe anti-inflammatory medications like topical corticosteroids or combinations of medications and treatments, including controlled ultraviolet light therapy, depending on the severity of the condition. Our goal is to reduce inflammation and control the scale build-up as well as to help soften the skin. We will also advise you to try to shed some pounds if you’re overweight, to stop smoking and to manage stress as much as possible.

XTRAC® to the Rescue

Brinton Lake Dermatology’s XTRAC targeted light laser therapy offers new hope for psoriasis sufferers. The painless treatment option takes only a little time, produces big results and is normally covered under most insurance plans. Even patients who have not done well with other treatment modalities normally achieve long-lasting relief after 16 or fewer brief sessions.

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