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Fire&IceBrinton Lake Dermatology is pleased to announce that we are extending our current Aesthetician Special – the ever-popular iS Clinical Innovative Facial – through the end of the summer!

This special facial is a not-so-secret rejuvenating weapon in Hollywood, hence its nickname as “The Red Carpet Treatment.”  This powerful facial features two nutrient-rich therapeutic masks, beginning with the FIRE portion – an intensive, resurfacing masque to exfoliate, reduce fine lines and encourage cellular renewal. Active ingredients include retinol, glycolic acid and potent antioxidants.

The ICE portion follows — a rejuvenating masque to calm, hydrate, soothe and pamper, leaving you glowing. With no downtime and no peeling, you can waltz out of our office and get ready for any Red Carpet event that comes your way!

Enjoy a 10% discount until the end of August.  Schedule your appointment today!