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ESKATA:  The First FDA-Approved Treatment for Seborrheic keratoses (SKs)

Before and After ESKATA Treatment Glen Mills PA

Before and after treatment with ESKATA

SKs are harmless spots that pop up as we age. SK spots can be flat or raised with a color that is your normal skin tone or darker. Flat SKs have a velvety or shiny texture. Over time, they may get bigger and more may show up. They may also become thicker and raised with a waxy or rough texture. SKs can appear anywhere on your body, but are most common on the face (hairline/temples), neck, chest, and back.

They are non-cancerous and generally don’t cause any pain or discomfort. SKs are generally the most common type of bumps seen in a doctor’s office.  Your dermatologist will determine if your spots are SKs or something more serious.

ESKATA is the first and only FDA-approved topical treatment for raised SKs.  With its proprietary solution and soft-tip, pen-like applicator, we can target and treat raised SKs with this new treatment option.

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